Terms and conditions of sale

  1. Introduction

These terms and conditions of sale (“Terms of Sale”) apply to any purchase made by an end user customer on www.ixionaudio.com (the “Website”) or over the phone with the IXION sales team. By placing an order, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Sale (including enclosed End User License and Warranty Agreement) and our privacy policy. IXION is a registered trademark and is developed, manufactured and sold by T-Radio AS, Wirgenesvei 8b, 3157 Barkaker, Norway (below referred to as “IXION” or “T-Radio”). T-Radio’s’ business registration number is: NO 991 008 462 (VAT).

All prices mentioned in the web shop are inclusive of V.A.T. and within the IXION Sales Region(as set out on the Website) , we will ship your product to you for free. See section 5 regarding payment options and taxes for more detailed info on V.A.T.

  1. Purchasing requirements on ixionaudio.com

The following requirements must be met in order to place a valid order for IXION products on the Website or by phone:

  • You are 18 years of age or older;
  • You are an end user and have no intentions to resell the product(s)
  • You guarantee that you provide accurate and complete information to IXION in the order.


  1. Ordering your Ixion products

You can order your IXION products by going to ‘shop’ on the Website and adding the product of your choice to the shopping basket. As soon as everything you need is added to your shopping basket and you have clicked ‘checkout now’; we ask you to fill in the requested information – or simply just log in to your account if you are a returning customer. You will be asked to enter any discount code you may have before finalizing the order, and to select both payment and shipping method.

As soon as you click on ‘place your order’ or ‘continue to payment, your order is final. This means you will have to pay the purchase price.

If the order is placed over the phone, our IXION sales team will guide you through the process and summarize your order. Once you have confirmed your order, the sales team will charge your payment method of choice, and the order is final.

If any of the scenarios for non-acceptance apply (cf. section 4below), IXION may reject or cancel your order in which case we will refund any payment you have made.

You will receive an order confirmation by email once you have placed your order.

We will process your order as soon as we have received confirmation of your payment. See section 6below regarding shipping and delivery for more information on when you may expect to receive your IXION products.

  1. Non-acceptance of your order

In case of any of the following scenarios, IXION have the right to cancel your order and refund your payment:

  • You are not meeting the requirements for sale;
  • IXION is unable to obtain authorization of your payment;
  • You are requesting shipment to a country that is not within the IXION Sales Region;
  • Products shown on the Website contain a manifest error, such as being incorrectly priced or otherwise incorrectly described;
  • Other special circumstances that justify cancellation of the order, including but not limited to the misuse of a discount code and/or suspicion of fraud.


  1. Payment options and taxes

We offer various ways for you to pay for your order: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Klarna.

Value added tax (“VAT”) is charged in accordance with local legislation in each country. Your total price will reflect the correct VAT rate for the destination country of your order.

  1. Delivery and (free) shipping

If the order placement and payment confirmation is made before 12.00 hrs (Continental Europe), we will arrange for shipment of the order within the same business day. We will send you a shipping confirmation and tracking code as soon as we have handed your order to the shipping company.

You will normally receive your IXION products within 2-3 business days of your order. Such shipping is free of charge if your order is shipped within the IXION Sales Region. Our shipping partner may offer faster and/or more detailed delivery services. This is a service offered by the shipping partner, not provided by IXION, and may therefore generate an additional shipping cost.

If you require shipping to a country that is not part of the IXION Sales Region, please contact IXION Customer Care.

Note that:

  • It is not possible to deliver to freight forwarders, hotels, PO Boxes or army.
  • We do not ship on either weekends or public holidays and we do not deliver on public holidays.
  • We may from time to time offer products for pre-orders or backorders. In such case we will not be able to ship to you within the delivery terms as set out above and will inform you of the expected shipping date when known.
  • If your order is subject to review due to a suspicion of fraud etc., delivery may be delayed and/or cancelled.

If you need to return a product from outside of the IXION Service Region, please contact IXION Customer Care. Shipping charges may apply.

  1. A defective IXION product? This is our IXION Warranty.

We stand for the quality of our IXION products. We offer a 5-year full warranty on all products sold. A summary of the conditions of the IXION Warranty is set out below.

Your local consumer protection laws may provide additional mandatory rules on your rights in the event of defective products. The IXION Warranty does not in any way restrict the rights that you may have under such rules.

The IXION Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship in every IXION product for five (5) years from the date of shipment from IXION or the date of the original retail purchase from an authorised IXION Dealer. The IXION warranty does not guarantee that IXION products will at all times operate without interruption or will be error-free, or that all errors may be corrected.

If you have a valid claim under the IXION Warranty and have returned the product in accordance with the procedure set out below, we will repair or replace the defective product free of charge.

If we determine that the problem is not covered under the IXION Warranty, we will notify you and inform you of service or replacement alternatives that are available to you for an additional fee.

The warranty period is not extended if we repair or replace your product.

Your IXION Warranty is transferable with ownership, so if you give or sell the IXION product to someone during the guarantee period, it’s still covered.

There are some exclusions to the IXION Warranty, including but not limited to:

  • Problems that result from external causes such as accident, abuse or misuse;
  • Use that is not in accordance with IXION’ product instructions;
  • Products with missing or altered serial numbers;
  • Products which have had their housings opened or are otherwise tampered with; or
  • Problems caused by the customer’s use of third party accessories, parts, or components.
  1. What you need to do if you want to return a product

All consumers purchasing IXION products have a general right of return of 14 days after date of purchase. Returns can also be made if you are experiencing issues with any of your IXION products covered by the IXION warranty.

If you want to return a product, please contact IXION Support on www.ixionaudio.com/supportto get a case number. IXION support will answer you normally within 24 hours (working hours). If the requirements for return are met, the support team will provide you with a Return Merchandise Authorisation (‘RMA’).

IXION must receive the returned item within 14 calendar days after an RMA has been issued, and the unit returned must match the serial number specified in the RMA/Case. Make sure you pack the product in a safe packaging. All contents (brochures and wires) need to be included. The product must be returned in its original IXION packaging.

If we receive the original product(s) later than 14 days after RMA issue, or if we determine that the problem with your product(s) is not covered by the IXION Warranty, we reserve the right to charge the then-current standard price for the applicable product(s) to your credit card or the original form of payment used at the time you placed your original order.
If the general right of return is used, the product(s) must not be damaged in any way – if so, the value of correcting the damage will be charged to your credit card or the original form of payment used at the time you placed your original order.

  1. General Legal Terms

IXION may change these Terms of Sale at any time by posting revised terms on the Website. However, such changes will not affect the terms applicable to sales that were concluded prior to the date the revised Terms of Sale were posted. If any part of these Terms of Sale are for any reason unenforceable, that shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any of the remaining provisions of the Terms of Sale.

These Terms of Sale are subject to the laws of Norway and the jurisdiction of Tønsberg District Court, Norway, unless mandatory law of the customer’s home state prescribe otherwise.

If we are unable to resolve any conflict between us, you may also elect to submit the conflict for dispute resolution via http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr (EU only).

  1. How to reach us for questions or comments

Questions or Comments? If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us.

If you contact us at www.ixionaudio.com/support, it is helpful if you give a clear description of your question or comment. This will make it easier to sort it out for you. Also include your email or telephone number, so we know where to reach you. We will do our best to respond to your communication within one working day. If it will take longer to resolve your issue, we will let you know.

Company details
T-Radio AS, Wirgenesvei 8b, 3157 Barkaker, Norway

Telephone: + 47 48 31 11 00

Email: info@tandbergradio.com

Formal business registration number
VAT: NO 991 008 462