IXION multi room audio hand built in Scandinavia.

IXION is a luxury smart audio brand designed and built in Norway. Using advanced technologies to manufacture audio solutions which are intuitive, easy to use and will provide the best sound experience possible. Simply plug it in and get ready to play.


The IXION brand was founded in 2009 by Tom Austad. Tom’s vision is ambitious, but crystal clear – Work harder than anyone else to create a visually appealing, easy to use, smart audio system with excellent sound qualities and materials. 

To fulfil this vision, Tom has joined forces with former Tandberg Radio engineers, one of the world’s most influential designers, software developers and specialists to assemble an unstoppable team of knowledge, skills and dedication.

IXION smart audio systems are designed to evoke emotions and built to sound great. We’ll distribute your sounds from any device, to the room of your choice. Since we’re all about smartness, we’ve made it easier than ever to connect and play. The Ixion PLC Platform uses the electrical power circuit in your home, IXION automatically creates a dedicated environment, allowing you to seamlessly stream audio throughout your home.

Years of dedication and hard work has made us who we are. We’re proud to present a smart audio system unlike any other. Carefully crafted and listened to by our excellent crew of specialists.


IXION is born, built and designed in Norway, with roots hailing from the legendary Tandberg Radio founded in 1933. The proud history and knowledge from developing one of the most renowned sound systems has shaped us into who we are today. Hard work, honest craftsmanship, innovation, impeccable sound qualities and elegant design makes us who we are. Our legacy has secured a firm foundation. Our skills, dedication and willpower will define the future.

In 1957 Tandberg Radio launched brand new Huldra. A harmonic union of form and function, an adventure in technic and tones. A dream combination of radio, recorder and gramophone. A product ahead of its time, because it’s built with both the present and future in mind. All with a sound quality so open and crisp, so true and alive that it is rumored to makes elves dance. 

‘Our proud legacy has secured a firm foundation. our knowledge, dedication and innovative minds will define the future’ – Tom Austad, 



IXION is designed by acclaimed designer Bård Eker, the man behind Hydrolift. IXION features the highest quality materials and is designed and manufactured in Norway. 


“IXION Maestro is at this time the most interesting product in its category on the market.”

Max Langridge, What Hi-fi.

“I do like the design. I’m no audiophile but aesthetics are more important to our readers, so it ticks that box.”

Jason Hughes
Wallpaper Magazine

”The luxury multi-room speaker that’s handmade and tuned.”

Jon Porter, Techradar.

“Among the most user-friendly wireless systems we’ve tested.”


“Our readers really respond to this kind of product, it's a good price for us too.``

Holly Roberts,
Retail Editor, GQ

“It certainly sounds good - would love to try it out with old vinyl.”

Jack Stanley
Associate Editor, HypeBeast

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