IXION is hand-built, designed and developed in Norway. All of our units have been listened to and fine-tuned by our audio experts. This ensures that they maintain the high quality your ears and eyes deserve.


Smarter with age

Smarter with age

With age comes wisdom, or so they say. Fortunately, it seems that the proverb actually holds true. New research and scientific studies prove that…

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IXION is a smart audio system that allows you to play the radio, stream music and listen to whatever you want – in the easiest possible manner. Just connect it to a power outlet, and you’re ready to go.

Create your own multi room solution by adding extra IXION speakers such as the Solo:2. Simply put it into the power and Solo:2 will connect to your existing IXION network.


The IXION system is designed to provide good, clear and powerful audio. You can play directly from IXION Maestro or connect several speakers.